– Danny Craven –

Danny is the calm, cool, creative zen master. His inner peace is a buzzing hive of imagination and soul, which is complemented greatly by his immense professionalism. With finely tuned senses, Danny listens to the industry for its upcoming progression and steers clients in the right direction to be on the leading edge. Danny is a tremendously experienced creative content producer and film maker, and offers a cornucopia of knowledge to every project. Not only does Danny speak the language of creatives, he is also very skilled in communicating information to clients in a helpful and competent vernacular to provide swift and accurate project management. As a producer, director, editor, videographer, project manager, audio engineer, musician, and consultant, Danny keeps a well rounded approach to successful marketing. Dangerously creative and worldly insightful, Danny delivers quality visuals

with precision and care as a true artist and master of his field.


Previous Positions:

Joplin Schools - joplinschools.org

JETHD General Manager


Zeus Visuals-  zeusvisuals.com

Co-Owner, Chief Operations Officer